McDowell Road Renovation

Adaptive Reuse

The building was originally built in the 1940’s as a Chinese Market, a restaurant and a store. During its history, this building has had many lives. Most recently it has been used as back office space with no identity and its back to the street.

We plan to open up the three original openings in the south wall and infill the new opening with a decorative metal screen. Behind the metal screen is a new window wall, 3’ back, to bring in light and create a tranquil garden space between the interior and the busy street. We then plan to install metal accents above the new openings to connect back to the original canopies and add tenant signage above. These accents will help to reorient the building to the street and enliven the street façade.

The interior rendering demonstrates the open office environment with the exposed wood trusses to create a dynamic workspace.

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