Pinnacle Peak Office Park

Adaptive Reuse

This project included the master planning of a 13 acre site in north Scottsdale. It is located in an environmentally sensitive property adjacent to the Rawhide wash. The project includes the design of two 2-story shell buildings along the street and five 1-story shell buildings at the rear of the property, adjacent to the wash. The site also included the design of a future bank on the corner of the property. The 7 built buildings total 70,702 s.f. and the bank was a 2-story design of 10,000 s.f.. The building designed incorporated a combination of native stone, to blend with the site, and stucco over masonry. The buildings also included metal accents, including shade elements, canopies, and walkways.

The site was designed to keep the lower 1-story buildings at the rear of the site, closer to the wash and the residential neighborhood. The 2-story buildings were located along the street at the lower elevations of the site. All of the parking was located in the center of the site to provide easy access to the buildings and screen it from the streets.

  • Completion Date: 2005
  • Structural: Caruso, Turley & Scott Consulting Engineers
  • Mechanical/Plumbing: Akribis
  • Electrical: Tony Woo Engineering
  • Civil: Gilbertson & Associates Engineering
  • Landscape Architect: Gordon Jones Landscape Architect
  • Contractor: Renaissance Companies
  • Client: Cornwell Corporation
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Category: Master Planning, Commercial
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